All the STUFF

Here’s a link repository of a load of stuff I’ve done and am doing.


NEW! Audio Freqs – the exotic world of audio oddities with Emmy-Nominated cousin of mine, Dave Yapp

Not Today, Thank You – a topical-ish podcast featuring people like Jon Holmes and Mic Wright

Vegan Life Magazine Podcast – a fun podcast about food – and you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it. Honest.

The Old Sex Podcast – Explicit. Obviously.

Date Fight – a daily battle of interesting things in history, with Natt Tapley


Composing Showreel

First Fag – a collaboration with Douggy Pledger and my cousin, Dave Yapp

The Delightful Sausage on Staycations – BBC Radio 2

Waving Through The Window – BBC Radio 4

Secret Lemonade Licker – R Whites Commercial

Cold Case Crime Cuts – Podcast

Namaste, Motherf*ckers – Podcast

The Labour Manifesto in 60 Seconds – sung live on Newsnight, BBC2

The Tories’ and Greens’ Manifestos

The Lib Dem and UKIP Manifestos


Jake Yapp’s Media Circus – BBC Radio 4

A Book At Bathtime – BBC Radio 4Extra. Actually recorded in the bath with Jon Holmes.

Now Wash Your Hands – BBC Radio 4’s award-winning lockdown show

Comedy Club Review of the Decade – BBC Radio 4Extra


The Hurting – an 80-part series I wrote, composed and performed for Dave

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown


Proust Reduced – BBC Radio

BBC Radio 4Extra in Four Minutes – BBC Radio 4Extra

Star Wars in 90 Seconds – The World at One, BBC Radio 4

War and Peace in 60 Seconds – The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4

Foreign Correspondents in Four Minutes – with Jon Snow

Every Christmas Song in Three Minutes – The Now Show BBC Radio 4

Brexitcast in Two Minutes – BBC

Weekly Wipe – Charlie Brooker, BBC2

BBC Network Radio in Ten Minutes – live at the Radio Production Awards

Doctor Who – Series Nine in 325 Seconds


NEW! Basic Pitches – from 2020, but I block out trauma

NEW! Podcaster – random questions from the Voice of Pod

NEW! Rockanory by Jon Holmes – I did voices and the music

My Mate Bought a Toaster

The Chick Peeps – Vegan Parenting

Postcards From The Past

Debated – Discussing Satire

Tiredness Kills – The Delightful Sausage

Desert Island Dicks

Reasons To Be Cheerful – Ed Milliband and Geoff Lloyd

The Box of Delights: Irish Paint Magic, Ivor The Engine, Call My Agent, 321

Strong Body, Green Planet

The One Show Show – 1 2 3 4 5


Beef and Dairy Network – 1 2


Jake Yapp at